Mbabazi, House of Style was founded in 2007, by Grace Byeitima, inspired by her mother and name sake, Mbabazi Loy Rujumba. At an early age, Grace remembers her mom saying:

"With the proper skills and hard work, you will succeed in life."

This is the backbone for Grace in the creation of a thriving fashion business - a business that inspires her mother, countless others and provides revenue for hard working women. Loy uses her 30+ years expertise to train tailors in productive of fashions for "house of Style" in Uganda. We believe the best way forward in Africa's ongoing economic development efforts is "Trade not Aid."
The same heart and soul that fashions a successful shop in Uganda exists in Memphis. With her own elegance and design refinery, Grace merges the fabrics and prints of African tradition into new modern statements of style.
Mbabazi: House of Style, is a Fair Trade for profit business advocating bespoke African designs through modern fashion and quality products. 

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Kudos! Your work is very inspiring.

Hilda August 04, 2020

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