5 Perfect Gifts for Fall

5 Perfect Gifts for Fall

We know that it's not Christmas time yet. So you're probably wondering why on earth we're making a list of items that will be perfect as gifts in September? Well... it's simple, we feel like giving should be year round! Why not spread love and positivity with material items any chance you can get?

Here are 5 things that would make perfect gifts this fall:

1. Ugandan Raffia Basket


When you think of fall decorations, baskets are in the top 3 first things you think about.

These hand woven baskets from Uganda are the perfect fall accent piece. Not only are they pretty to look at but they can store just about anything effectively. These would be perfect to buy as a house warming gift, for your grandmothers birthday, or for your wife when you don't know what else to get her!

2. Paper Beaded Clutch


Everyone needs a cute clutch for a special occasions... or to use every single day of their life!

The colors of these handmade paper bead clutches give me a lot of warm fall feelings. They're big enough to store a small wallet and will go well with a lot of the dresses, skirts, and kimonos on our website!
These are perfect to buy for yourself, your daughter, or even a friend.
They will definitely be happy to use these!

3. Ankara Head Scarf and Mask

There's no better combo than a face mask with a matching head scarf!
This set is handmade by yours truly Mbabazi House of Style. This is the best combo to wear throughout fall. It will definitely keep your head and face warm all while protecting others and your health! This is a perfect gift for everyone ! You can get the set and save the mask for yourself and gift the scarf or vice versa! 

4. Ankara Kimono


Kimono's are the perfect layer for fall.

These handmade Kimonos can be worn indoor or outdoor. You can chill at home in these as a robe or wear them as a layer to an existing outfit! This is the perfect gift for anyone for their birthday! Mbabazi thinks everyone look good in Ankara Kimono's!

5. Apron


Last but certainly not least, an apron! 

What else are you going to use on thanksgiving to throw down in the kitchen. This super cute handmade apron is perfect for the cookers of the family! Everyone will be asking you where you got it from and you won't be able to take it off at the end of the day!

Mbabazi has all types of items available on our website! It's definitely still a working progress but we are pushing forward each and everyday! We thank each and everyone of you for supporting our vision and we will see you next Saturday for the next blog post!

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