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Tree bark purse

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Bark cloth is a felt cloth produced by matting the bark of a fig tree (Ficus Natelensis), sustainably harvested by man through the application of an ancient technology, which is non-machinery and non-chemical, by hand with the help of manmade simple tools. 

The tree is never cut down but rather, bark harvested off the tree followed by a skin regeneration natural system, for a period of about 20 years, after which bark harvesting for that particular tree stops.

In 2005, UNESCO recognized the technology and proclaimed it a master piece of oral and intangible cultural heritage of humanity; a Ugandan Identity. 

The eco cloth is complimented with cotton, khaki, denim and paper.

It is taken into a handcrafted value addition process, using natural raffia from the raffia palm leaf and rayon fibres, for both fabric aesthetics and longevity functions, towards an assortment of dynamic eco chic products.